Textbook Audio Files




A download of all the textbook audio, as listed below:

A.1 Pronunciation.mp3
A.2 Los Saludos.mp3
A.3 The Alphabet.mp3
A.4 Numbers 1-30.mp3
A.6 Hispanic Countries.mp3
A.10 Pronunciation Part2.mp3

B.1 Greetings and Titles.mp3
B.2 Verb SER.mp3
B.4 Dialogue 1.mp3
B.4 Dialogue 2.mp3
B.5 The Classroom.mp3
B.6 Numbers 10-100.mp3
B.12 Written Accent Rules.mp3

1.1 Profesiones.mp3
1.2 Descriptions with SER.mp3
1.5 Comparisons.mp3
1.6 Verb ESTAR.mp3
1.7 Feelings with ESTAR.mp3

2.1 La Familia.mp3
2.6 Interrogative.mp3
2.7 Positive and Negative.mp3

3.1 Time.mp3
3.4 Days of the Week.mp3
3.5 Months.mp3
3.7 Holidays.mp3
3.8 Seasons.mp3
3.9 Weather.mp3
3.11 Numbers 10-1000.mp3
3.Cultural Note.mp3

4.1 Mas Frases.mp3
4.2 Los Verbos.mp3
4.3 El Verbo Gustar.mp3
4.7 Cosas Comunes.mp3
4.8 Descriptive Adjectives.mp3
4.9 Idiomatic Expressions with Tener.mp3

5.1 La Ropa.mp3
5.2 Los Colores.mp3
5.4 Regular Ar Verbs.mp3

6.1 La Comida.mp3
6.3 Regular ER and IR Verbs.mp3

7.1 La Casa.mp3
7.2 Home Activities.mp3
7.7 Los Deportes y Las Actividades.mp3
7.10 La Naturaleza.mp3

8.1 El Cuerpo.mp3 8.3 Parts of the Body for Medical Missions.mp3 8.Reading.mp3

9.1 La Ciudad y el Pueblo.mp3
9.2 El Transporte.mp3
9.3 En el Hotel.mp3
9.4 En el Aeropuerto.mp3
9.5 En el Banco.mp3
9.6 Prepositions of Location.mp3
9.7 Commands for Directions.mp3

10.1 Religious Vocabulary.mp3
10.3 Historias de la Biblia.mp3
10.8 Phrases for Ministry and Witnessing.mp3


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