“Hello there! I just bought your textbook to teach my students and I would love the teaching manual to go along with it. I am so excited to teach from this book as I have searched and searched for the right source for my students! Thank you so much for your time, God Bless!”

“I’m currently beginning Spanish classes for some of the missionaries that I work with, I think your textbook is perfect for what we do here. “

“I’ve really enjoyed your book so far, and the teacher guide has helped me as well. I went along with my church to Honduras last summer and am planning to go again this summer. I read something in your book last night about mission teams many times discounting the need to learn the language, instead relying on some of the more native speakers. That seems to be how our group has historically been, and so I’m trying to make a difference this time. I’ve especially enjoyed the children’s songs in the book/audio as well as the Bible verses. That is something I’d wished I’d known more of when going last summer, as most of my time was spent playing with the local children while others in the group built houses. Now that I’ll have a few songs, etc. in my knowledge bank, I’m looking forward to having an even better connection with the children I meet!”

—Thanks, Jennifer

“The book hasn’t even shipped to my home yet and I am totally in love with it and the support you have given for teaching Spanish on your website and your contact with teachers!”

—Mary Ann

“I’ve wanted to tell you for some time that your book is one of my very favorite recent releases. I review each and every book we publish and recommend the best to feature on our website and at our trade shows. I come from twelve years in traditional publishing and am thoroughly impressed with the time and efforts you invested to write, format, and perfect your workbook. What a special and helpful tool for sharing our faith. Thank you for producing such an extraordinary book and for allowing us to partner with you. May it bear much fruit.”

We are so happy to now have our 2nd Edition live for purchase through Amazon.com. Click here to purchase the book!

In 9 days!!! The 2nd Edition of SPANISH WITH A MISSION will be launched!!! Praise God for the overwhelming success of this workbook and praise Him more for all the Spanish classes that have been started at churches to make their ministry to Hispanics more effective!!!

DBU students use Spanish with a Mission to reach out to a school in Tortuguero, Costa Rica. The children are from a small community in this protected area of rainforest.

We love hearing about all the people and places that the book “Spanish with a Mission” is reaching and helping people learn Spanish to share the Gospel! Nashville/Brentwood, TN is one we recently heard about. Let us know how it’s helping you where you are!

God works amazingly to bring these young people together uniting two countries. First we meet Rodrigo in Chile at the school where we were working, then he and his brother come to DBU to study English,then Victoria and Natasha go to Chile to work at their school and who ends up being their host family?? Yes! Rodrigo’s family!! God is so GOOD! Now the girls are learning Spanish with a Mission!!! And these 4 have become Chilean-U.S. brothers and sisters.

Thank you Iglesia Bautista Internacional, Dallas, TX, for letting me speak at your Ladies meeting!
“How to use our words wisely”

-Deborah Balyeat

Spanish with a Mission Translators is a Ministry Service offered to faith-based or non-profit organizations that are in need of translators or interpreters for an event or crisis opportunity. If you are a Spanish speaker and can volunteer your time to interpret or translate for services related to the unaccompanied immigrant children crisis in Dallas, please click here to fill out the application. We need an army of translators and need your help!

“I have just returned from Costa Rica where I used your textbook for my Spanish language classes. I am a beginning student. I took private classes for four hours a day using your textbook. I was able to discuss biblical principles with my teacher at the end of the two weeks. The vocabulary and memory verses were very beneficial for my mission trip.”

—Thank you, Kelly Godwin

The Baptist Standard featured “Spanish with a Mission”

Feb. 2014

“Deborah Balyeat does not want English-speaking students to learn Spanish just for the sake of mastering a second language. She wants Christians to learn Spanish with a mission in mind.

Deborah Balyeat explains how her new book can help equip people for witnessing and missions.
That desire prompted Balyeat, assistant professor of Spanish at Dallas Baptist University and former missionary to Argentina, to write an interactive textbook, Spanish with a Mission: For Ministry, Witnessing and Mission Trips…”

Click here to read the whole article!

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