Spanish with a Mission is a textbook/workbook written for individual workers and groups of volunteers who go on mission trips or do community outreach to Hispanics. Whether you are volunteering in your community, witnessing to a Hispanic neighbor, or participating on a mission trip, the better you communicate, the more effective your ministry will be.

What makes this textbook different from other Spanish textbooks? This is a Spanish textbook with a Christian platform. It teaches Spanish grammar and gives practical thematic vocabulary and exercises. The material is written from a Christian perspective, including religious words and phrases, mission vocabulary, cultural insights, and key Bible verses necessary for Christian outreach and leading someone to Christ. Moreover, this book contains many Christian choruses and praise songs that can be sung with children or adults. Included are biographies of Hispanic Christian artists and composers. These songs are often heard in Hispanic churches and consequently, used in ministry. They also are a fun way to learn Spanish.

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