Spanish with a Mission is a textbook/workbook written for individual workers and groups of volunteers who go on mission trips or do community outreach to Hispanics. Whether you are volunteering in your community, witnessing to a Hispanic neighbor, or participating on a mission trip, the better you communicate, the more effective your ministry will be.

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SPANISH WITH A MISSION seamlessly integrates teaching Spanish with gospel-oriented vocabulary and cultural insights. It provides an excellent resource for any individual or group looking to minister to Spanish speakers across the street or abroad. S.W.A.M. gives churches a tool to be more effective in spreading the Gospel in Hispanic countries and the ever growing number of Hispanics in this country.

Author Info

Mirna Deborah Balyeat grew up biculturally, living in Dallas, Texas and Managua, Nicaragua. She and her husband, David, served as missionaries to Argentina for nine years, where she coordinated the language and cultural learning for the new missionaries entering the country. Deborah currently teaches Spanish at Dallas Baptist University and is completing her doctorate in Spanish linguistics at the University of Houston.

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